3CX: How to Manage your Status on the Web Client

3CX: How to Manage your Status on the Web Client

1. Set your status and status message by clicking on the drop-down menu next to your avatar.

2. Choose the status you’d like.

Statuses and colors are visible to coworkers.

Green means available, yellow on a call, red is busy – calls will be diverted to voicemail.

3. To add a custom status message, press the Pencil  next to that status.
Users can use the Set Status Temporarily to set a status for a specific amount of time.

Further, customize your status in “Settings > Call Forwarding”. Here you can:

  • Set a custom message
  • Enable/disable PUSH messages for each status
  • Rename “Lunch” and “Business Trip” profiles
  • Set the number of seconds to activate forwarding of unanswered calls for “Available” and “Lunch” profiles
  • Override forwarding rules based on Caller ID and time of the call

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