3CX: How to Update Hours of Operations

3CX: How to Update Hours of Operations

Note: Only Administrators have access to make changes to the Time Zones, Office Hours & Holidays.

Update the Hours of Operation

1. Click Settings.

2. Choose Time zones, Office Hours & Holidays.

3. Locate the hours that you’d like to change and click Configure.

4. Make updates to the Office Hours for a day and click OK to save the configuration.
 (Note: Repeat making the updates for each day that requires changes.)

5. Click the blue OK button to save all changes.

Add a Holiday

1. Click on Settings.

2. Choose Time zones, Office Hours & Holidays.

3. Scroll down to the Configure Holidays section.

4. Click the + Add button to add new holidays.

5. Enter the holiday name, date, and time.
Optional: Add a holiday-specific prompt. If this section is left blank, the system will use the HOL prompt and options from the Digital Receptionist section.

6. Click the OK button to save the holiday.

Time-Based Scheduling

See more information on Time-Based Scheduling by watching the 3CX Training Video below. This video covers the global office hours, specifically for the Inbound Rules and Extension profiles, as well as the configuration of holidays.

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