3CX: Making Calls on the Windows Client

3CX: Making Calls on the Windows Client

You can initiate a call in various ways with the 3CX client:

Client’s keypad

1. To access the dial screen on your softphone press the  button.

2. From the dial screen on your smartphone client or softphone enter the number you want to call.

3. Click on the “Call” button to make your call.

Note: On your desktop client: If you are in desk phone mode, the number will be dialed on your IP phone. If you are in Softphone mode, you will have to use your headphones and microphone to make the call.


Click on the “Contacts”  button in the bottom menu of your client. To make a call to any one of these contacts:

1. Double click, right-click, or tap on the contact that you want to call.

2. On the contact info screen, you will see all numbers configured. This may include office extensions and mobile numbers. Click the number you would like to call.

Hot Keys  (available for Windows)

You can also make a call using the Hot Key feature, which enables keyboard shortcuts such as copy and paste.

1. Select the number you want to dial and copy it.

2. Open the 3CX Client and click on the dial screen and paste in the number.

3. Click on the “Call” button to make your call.

Call History 

You were in a meeting, and you have missed a dozen calls. Call history may help you to sort out or prioritize calling back.

1. Click on the “Recent” or “Call History”  button on the bottom menu.

2. Find the call entry that you want to call back and double click or tap on the contact.


There is no reason to keep calling or transferring calls to an extension that is not answering! By viewing the presence screen, you can see whether the person you are reaching for is available, at a meeting or even at lunch.

1. Click on the “Presence”  icon.

2. Select or search the desired contact. Press on the contact and then click “Call” to perform the action. In Android just tap on the desired contact and the call will be initiated immediately.

Click to Dial  

If you have the click to dial chrome extension installed, you will be able to click phone numbers within Chrome. That will open the number in your 3Cx client and allow you to click a call to initiate the call.

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