3CX: Setting Your Presence Status on the Windows Client

3CX: Setting Your Presence Status on the Windows Client

The Presence/Status allows you to set your own status and forwarding rules, as well as view the presence/status of your colleagues. This feature is very helpful because it allows you to view whether someone is available, busy, or away before attempting to contact an extension.

1. Click or tap on the status area in the top left corner.

2. Select your desired status from the drop-down and click on it.

- Available
- Away
- Do Not Disturb
- Lunch – can be customized.
- Business Trip – can be customized.

3. Click on the “>”. From this screen, you can select your status message, write a customer status, select when your status should be switched back to the previous status and where your calls should be forwarded to during this time.

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