AlertBlast: Setting up a Salesforce Integration

AlertBlast: Setting up a Salesforce Integration

Note: In order for AlertBlast to get your Salesforce campaigns, you need to make sure you have a user with API credentials. 

Add API Credentials to Users in Salesforce

Note: This section needs to be completed by your Salesforce Admin. 

1. Go into your Salesforce instance Setup.

2. Go to Administration > Users > Profiles and open the profile the User belongs to.

3. Scroll down to Administrative Permissions and make sure the user has API Enabled checked.

Reset Your Security Token

Note: This section needs to be completed by the Salesforce User assigned to the security token and allowed API Access.

If you don’t know your current security token (used for API), you need to reset it. If you know your current security token, please skip this section and go to the “Setting up Salesforce Integration in AlertBlast” section.

1. Go to your user settings by clicking on your profile image in the top right, then clicking on settings. 
2. Click Reset Security Token.

Note: If you reset your security token, the previous security token will be disabled. 

3. You will get an email with your new security token. Save the security token for the next section steps.

Setting up Salesforce Integration in AlertBlast

1. Log into your AlertBlast Portal.
2. Select the Integrations Option on the left.
3. Fill out the required information.
4. Hit Test.
5. You will be prompted for your AlertBlast password. Type your password and hit Submit.
If all information is correct, you will get an alert.
6. Hit Save.

If all was successful, you will see a brief overview of your credentials.

Next Steps

Now you are ready to start Importing Contacts from Salesforce.

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