How to Obtain Your QR Code - 3CX Android

How to Obtain Your QR Code - 3CX Android

Your 3CX mobile application can be activated by obtaining your user-specific QR code.

To obtain your own QR code:

1. Locate the ""Welcome Email"" sent to you by your System Administrator.

2. Click the WebClient link provided in the ""Welcome Email.""

Note: Be sure to note the login information directly beneath the link.

3. Log in to your 3CX WebClient account using the credentials.

4. From the home screen, locate and click the ""Settings"" option in the side panel menu.

5. Click the ""Scan QR Code"" option.

6. Open up the ""3CX mobile application"" from your mobile device.

7. Tap the ""3 bars"" in the top left of the mobile application.

8. Tap ""Scan QR Code"" from the drop-down menu.

9. Use your phone to scan the QR Code image that's on your web client screen and you're all set!

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