How to Update the e911 Emergency Address

How to Update the e911 Emergency Address

Section 506 of Ray Baum's Act

Section 506 requires telephone systems to provide critical data about a 911 call's dispatchable location. Defined as "the street address of the calling party, and additional information such as room number, or similar information necessary to adequately identify the location of the calling party".

e911 allows you to communicate metadata when emergency calls are made for a faster response than would normally occur.

In short, e911 ties a physical address to your IP phone numbers, making it possible for Fire / Police/ other Emergency Services teams to be sent to an accurate location.

If a phone is physically moved to a new address, that information should be updated immediately.

To update your Emergency Address on OneCloud, select the user’s Profile setting.

Under “
Caller ID Information” click on the Emergency Address tab. A drop-down menu will populate a choice for adding a new address, as well as a place to enter a Location (a description of a location within the building).

Enter the emergency address and make sure to click on Validate to save the newly entered information.

After an initial Install of OneCloud, when logging in, the system may prompt you to update the Emergency Address. Select “
Set Address” and follow the previous steps.

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