OneCloud: Call Center Reporting - Stats Grid

OneCloud: Call Center Reporting - Stats Grid

Note: This guide is intended for Call Center Supervisors, Office Managers, and Resellers. Basic users will not be able to view the stats grid.

Access the Stats Grid directly from the 
OneCloud Portal homepage, click the Call Center icon from the top of the page.   

Stats Grid

This is a color-coded system that shows the following information: 
  • Green = value accepted.
  • Yellow = value is within the range of your lower threshold.
  • Red = value meets or exceeds your upper threshold.
  • White = no thresholds are configured for the statistic.

To edit the Stats Grid:

Click the Settings button above the stats grid. The Call Center Settings page appears, with the Stats Grid tab displayed.

1. Configure the Lower and Upper Thresholds for the statistics you want to show on the stats grid.

2. Click the General tab.

3. Use the Service Level Agreement slider to specify a value that will be used to calculate the Service Level Percentage statistic. This value determines whether a call was answered in an acceptable amount of time (seconds).

4. Use Filter Stats Grid by Queue to determine whether the stats grid is shown for all call queues or one specific call queue.

5. Click Save.

For more information on contact center stats, visit the OneCloud Email Reports Guide and Analytics Guide.

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