OneCloud Meet: Dial-in Numbers

OneCloud Connect: Dial-in Numbers

All OneCloud Connect meetings have domestic dial-in numbers.
International dial-in numbers are an additional charge and can be purchased through your account manager. 

How to find the Dial-in number: 

Scheduled Meetings

Meetings can be scheduled on or via the Microsoft Outlook add-in. 

Calendar invites from scheduled OneCloud Connect meetings provide invitees with the following information: 

  • Meeting ID 
  • Password (if applicable) 
  • Date and Time 
  • Link to the web browser 
  • Dial-in number and pin 

During an Active Meeting 

If you would like to provide dial-in information during an active meeting:  

1. Select either Participant or More Action from the navigation menu.

2. Select Invite People, which will open a pop-up window. 

3. At the bottom of the window, you’ll find the dial-in number and pin.  

Note: The Invite People option also allows a moderator to dial out to a 10-digit number, instead of having a participant dial in themselves.


When you call the dial-in number, you will be prompted to:

1. Enter a Conference ID (pin number) followed by the # sign.

2. Then the Conference Bridge Password (if enabled and provided). If there is not a password, press # again to enter the meeting.

You will not have the OneCloud Connect menu options available to you when calling in, however, you will be able to mute/unmute yourself per your phone settings.

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