OneCloud Meet: How to Start a Meeting Room

OneCloud Connect: How to Start a Meeting Room

How to start a meeting room on OneCloud Connect (free version)

1. Go to OneCloud Connect.

2. Click Start a new Meeting.

3. The meeting will start with the Lobby feature enabled. The Lobby feature requires users to ‘knock’ on the ‘door’ of the meeting, to then be allowed in by a moderator. A moderator is the person that started the meeting or that the host granted moderator permissions to. The moderators have addition permissions in the meeting, i.e., allowing users into the meeting from the lobby, choosing other moderators for the meeting, or muting/unmuting other users) over the meeting.

How to start a meeting room on OneCloud Connect (paid version)

1. Go to OneCloud Connect.

2. Click Login.

3. Login using your OneCloud Connect or OneCloud credentials.

4. Once logged in, click the ‘Start Video Meeting‘ button when you’re ready for the meeting to begin.

5. If the Lobby feature is enabled (enabled by default) and your meeting is not password protected (passwords are disabled by default), you as the only moderator will have to allow your guests to join the meeting. When someone knocks on the Lobby door or requests to join the meeting, you will be presented with the following prompt. Either decide to ‘Admit‘ or ‘Reject‘ the guest(s).

How to start a meeting room using the mobile app

1. Open the OneCloud Connect on your mobile device.

2. Select the Start icon to begin a meeting. You will have nearly all the same actions available to you as if you were using your browser. From the meeting home screen, the navigation icons provide easy access to invite others, mute/unmute, leave the meeting, and turn on/off your camera. You also have a navigation button for more options, such as raising your hand, sharing a video, muting everyone, and more!

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