OneCloud Connect - Overview

OneCloud Connect - Overview

OneCloud Connect - Overview

This article serves as a brief overview of the OneCloud Connect application. 

What is it? 

OneCloud Connect is OneCloud's newest product - an all-in-one communications application allowing users to take advantage of Chat, Phone, and Meetings. In this article we will give you a brief introduction to the various communication tools available in OneCloud Connect.

Upon logging into OneCloud Connect, one of the first things you may notice is the navigation bar on the left-hand side.

This is how we will navigate through OneCloud Connect to access the various tools. The navigation bar is persistent meaning it will always be shown, allowing you to navigate to any other tools/menus within OneCloud Connect, even during an active meeting.
At the time of writing this article, only Chat, Meeting, and Call are visible


A brief overview of the Chat module

The Chat module in OneCloud Connect allows you to communicate with your team members directly using Direct Messaging or en masse via Channels and/or Group Messaging. The chat module also offers the ability to share files amongst your team.

Direct Messages

Direct messages you send or receive are visible in the "Direct Message" section of the chat module. Any group chats you create or join will also show here. 


Channels are very similar to group chats, one of the key differences is conversation threading. Allowing for multiple lines of communication, while keeping chats organized and focused. A channel admin has the ability to manage channel membership to add or remove users from specific channels.


Chat reactions are available in both direct/group messages and channel threads, simply hover over the message and click on the desired reaction/emoji. OneCloud Connect Chat has full Emoji support!


The Meeting module gives users the ability to connect with their team members with audio, video, and screen sharing. In OneCloud Connect, a user may start an ad-hoc meeting, join an ongoing meeting, or schedule one for later.

Upcoming Meetings

OneCloud Connect keeps track of your upcoming meetings and allows you to join a meeting directly. Sync with your Google or Microsoft calendar to make sure you never miss a meeting.

Past Meetings

OneCloud Connect keeps a record of every meeting you participated in, visit the "Past Meetings" section to find details such as when a meeting took place, duration, or attendees. 


The "Recordings" section can be used to download, share, or delete any previous recordings or transcripts of any meetings that you organized and recorded.


To find a transcript of a meeting (transcription must be enabled during the meeting) download them from the "Transcripts" section.


The Call module gives the user visibility into their call history, voicemail, and contacts list. 

To place a call using the OneCloud Connect Phone, use the dial-pad located conveniently at the top right of the application

All Calls

The "All Calls" section shows the users entire call history, including all inbound and outbound calls. You also have the option to filter the call history to a specific time/date range.

Use the ellipses to call back, download/play the call recording, or add notes.


In the "Voicemails" section the user has full control over their voicemail box. From here we are able to listen to voicemails and/or view the transcription preview:

Use the ellipses to view the full transcription using the "Voicemail Detail" option:

My Contacts

Additionally, OneCloud Connect users have access to their OneCloud directory/phone book and are able to place calls to directory entries directly through OneCloud Connect.

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