OneCloud: Salesforce Native Softphone User Guide

OneCloud: OneCloud for Salesforce User Guide

Logging In

Click on the OneCloud tray tab within Salesforce.  A login option should appear. Use your OneCloud credentials to log in.

Some users might see the following error when logging in for the first time.  Please attempt to login again.  If the issue persists, please contact Support.

After login in, the OneCloud for Salesforce softphone will populate. The dial pad is the softphone's main pane. The agents' name and status appears on the top right corner. A green colored dot indicates the agent is registered and ready to dial or receive calls.


An  Operating Hours Check  feature can be added to the softphone ( subject to additional licensing ). It gives the ability to show agents a warning, that placing a call might be outside of normal operating hours.



On the top left corner, the hamburger menu icon populates the settings menu.



Call Queues

The telephone and headset icons on the bottom will allow an agent to toggle between the dial pad, and the Call Queues. The call queue's pane will display the Queues an agent is assigned to; the agent can also log on and off those queues from here. 

This functionality is only available for Call Center agents, Call Center Supervisors, and Office Administrators.


Receiving a call

Upon receiving a call,  the application will preform a screen pop. This can be configured by a Salesforce admin using the Deployment Guide.

Use Case : the softphone can trigger a screen flow that will automatically navigate to the contact in Salesforce that matches the incoming number. If a call comes in, and there is no match between the number and a Salesforce account/contact, a screen flow can be triggered to populate an add  New Contact  form.


Incoming call screen

When an agent has an incoming call, the softphone will prompt the agent to answer or reject the call. When an agent answers a call, the incoming call screen appears.



Call Transfer

To transfer the call you are on, select the Transfer icon and enter the extension or telephone number you want to transfer it to.


Call Log

If call logging is enabled, upon completion of a call to an existing Contact, a new Task will be created in the Activity Feed in Salesforce displaying the call.

The Subject of the Task will show as “ Call from  [Calling Number] [Name of Contact or User Name] t o [Called Number][Contact or User Name] ” and the Description will contain the details of the call.

The description will also contain a link to download the Call Recording, if call recording is enabled within OneCloud.


Users will have the ability to add notes or a disposition to a call log while in a call. Once a call is disconnected, the notes will be added to the call log automatically.


In addition, users will be able to relate the call to any existing Cases or Opportunities using the  Related To  field.  The user must have the case or opportunity opened in Salesforce during the call for the softphone to be able to Relate the call.   This is only required if selecting the Add button to add that current record.


Clicking the  Add  button will populate the related case or opportunity number. Notes can also be added. Make sure to click on  Save  when finished. The Save  button changes to " Submit"  after the call is disconnected and presented to the user for final edits.


When the call is ended, a record will automatically be logged for that Contact and within the appropriate Case or Opportunity.

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