OneCloud V43.1 Release Notes

OneCloud V43.1 Release Notes

New Features

  • Added new UI features for remote storage management in the portal.

The Remote Storage for Recordings allows a customer to bring their own cloud or self-hosted storage for the recordings. Recordings will remain accessible from the OneCloud portal but be stored on the environment of their choice. Recordings can be offloaded to AWS S3, Wasabi, FTP Server, FTPS Server, or a SFTP Server.



  • Added ability to trigger emails to admin contact when remote storage fails to upload a file after the configured number of attempts.
  • Improved the CDR format for outbound calls. Call history and Export will now show the user's extension and username instead of public values if translated.
  • Added an NMS System Parameter to enable/disable the remote storage feature: RemoteArchiveEnabled. When disabled, the NMC manager will not send requests to remote archive call recordings.
  • Added two NMC System Parameters to manage local and remotely stored recordings: RemoteArchiveDeleteLocalFile and RemoteArchiveDeleteRemoteFile
  • Added the ability to download a recording from the Admin UI when the file is archived remotely.
  • Corrected the missing ACR when executing Web Responder from a Call Back.
  • Changed default for "ACRRefreshPeriod" to 150 (s) and default for "ACRRefreshTO" to 300 (s).
  • Inherit the random music on hold settings when a fallback to another level occurs. For instance, if a user has no music on hold files, and such files are present on the site level, the "randomize music on hold" should follow the site settings.
  • Inherit the message settings when a fallback to another level occurs. For instance, if a user has no message files, and such files are present on the site level, the "message interval" should follow the site settings.
  • Improved the Call Center details report when ringing an off-net PSTN number off a user-based dispatch and agent Sim-ring feature. Previously showed null for agent name. Now will show the correct name.
  • Added the “orig_sub_name” field to the active calls db table and displayed it in the portal for outbound calls when showing active call lists from the domain level.
  • Allowed users to import numbers from a CSV file for Allow/Block Answering Rule settings.
  • Improved time frame index page by listing all users (default view only users with time frames) and their user-time frames. Allows managers to edit and delete.
  • Fix to immediately reveal Save Button when editing an intro greeting.
  • Updated Google SSO to match webphone.
  • Configs PORTAL_USERS_SHOW_DIAL_PLAN and PORTAL_USERS_SHOW_DIAL_PERMISSION are now respected for Bulk User Edit.
  • Editing Emergency Endpoints will show the existing address associated with the endpoint pre-filled in the modal (if already entered).
  • Added support for redundancy in PORTAL_SOCKET_HOSTNAME uiconfig. Portal will not fail over to additional servers separated by commas. This allows the portal to reconnect if a server is not correct or if a server is lost after a connection and subscription.
  • Randomize Music on Hold setting can be set on the domain level and will be inherited by users without their own music settings.
  • Music Interval Music on Hold setting can be set on the domain level and will be inherited by users without their own message settings.
  • Added fields to bulk user edit and user import to change email_vmail_enable, which is "Receive an email for new voicemail".
  • Sentiment reporting now returns values in seconds instead of characters.
  • Prevented closing the webphone browser window with an alert if there are any active call sessions.
  • Modified webphone group chat notification sent when a member is added. Notification now includes the name of the added user.



  • Improved AST tracking of calls forwarded from one queue to another. Calls will use the FWD stat if there was no talk time on the first queue (transferred with ForwardNoAns).
  • Office Managers can change a user's voicemail "Operator Forward" field when there is a pre-existing value.
  • Fixed issue where deleted emergency addresses remained in NMS data.
  • Fix for inbound Inteliquent messages which did not have an "id" and thus were being overwritten.
  • Fixed bug so Reseller emergency settings configured during domain creation are automatically applied to the domain's Emergency Endpoints Inventory tab.
  • Reworked the installation of the voicemail reminders email template, correcting an issue where it could be added empty causing the feature to fail.
  • CDRs of calls dialed to ext. 5001 now recognize Vmail into URI.
  • Improved stats in Analytics for forwards between queues.
  • Improved the Agent Stats tables to properly show custom agent statuses
  • In Analytics, cards can now be copied within the same board.
  • Added parameters to configure attempts to upload files that have failed initial upload to remote archive:
    RemoteArchiveFailedMgrSleepMs, RemoteArchiveDeleteLocalFile, RemoteArchiveLogRetrySecs,
    RemoteArchiveLogRetryCount, RemoteArchiveFailedLogScanSize
  • Protected the same instance of G722 Encode from being executed more than once in parallel, which could precipitate a crash.
  • Corrected the propagation of the Caller ID when a Geo Call was parked and subsequently retrieved across Geo. The Retrieved Call now shows the Caller ID of the original Caller.
  • Corrected the extra "Allow Header" in 200 OK Responses to a REGISTER.
  • Corrected issue with Linear Hunt failing when going through STIR rules.
  • Resolved bug failing to ring last agent when listed as a user in a Linear Hunt Group.
  • Corrected the "Queue Empty" issue when Retrieving a Call Parked at a Geo Remote Server.
  • Fixed an issue where a long SDP m line would cause the Core module to write data past a variable boundary, leading to memory corruption and a crash.
  • Corrected an issue involving PUSH enabled OneCloud Mobile applications devices using TLS transport. V43.0 introduced SIP Contact headers using the system FQDN for better failover between IPv4 and IPv6, however the Contact header was not being set with the correct TLS port, causing connection issues on new calls.
  • Corrected the "Original Subscriber" issue upon Call Pickup from Geo Remote servers.
  • Fix for "Forward if unavailable" in pre-queue options. Setting will now be respected and should forward correctly to the user or device specified.
  • Removed incidental limit for number of blocked numbers allowed in personal answering rules.
  • Fixed bug so Attendant Console "All" filters in non-English languages will be honored.
  • Phone imports will now validate the MAC addresses provided and give the user a warning before saving if there is an invalid input.
  • Fixed agent availability logging.
  • Revealed the hold time on cradle to grave for user-initiated hold.
  • Allowed users to delete their own addresses through their profile page.
  • Revealed all users in domain in "Notify Via Phone Call" dropdown, located in Emergency tab of Edit Domain modal.
  • Fix for confirmation bubble not disappearing when deleting a greeting in Auto Attendants.
  • Ensured that editing an Emergency address requires validation before re-saving.
  • Fixed bug hiding the first device's slider, which sets Answering Rule delays for additional devices.
  • Fixed bug showing different domain addresses when editing an emergency address.
  • Fixed bug which inserted duplicate columns in downloaded Call Center Report CSVs.
  • Fix for call transfers from Attendant Console not working due to callid special characters.
  • Required a valid email when adding a new recording storage configuration.
  • Added back in the "voicemail" setting on the call queues edit modal. The option is independent from the "if unanswered" option and only effected now if voicemail is off. "Send to voicemail" now will forward to voicemail rather than just allowing it to time-out. "Stay in queue" will prompt for voicemail if enabled. All tooltips and help notes in portal are updated to properly address each option.
  • Corrected a case preventing Super Users from updating existing phone numbers with the import option.
  • Fix for transferring to voicemail in the Attendant Console.
  • Corrected an issue introduced in v43.1 development preventing the reload after successful agent edit when in device agent mode.
  • Corrected group chat logic to remove a chat participant from a group chat when the user requests to leave the chat. Group chat now responds correctly and notifies other participants the user has left the group chat and that user will no longer receive group chat updates.
  • Fixed bug related to using "CTRL-A" followed by "delete" in WebPhone chat.  This was causing browsers to hang or crash.
  • Fixed mic button so it responds and records when recording a user greeting from webphone.
  • Corrected a bug in web phone where a participant’s avatar would sometimes be duplicated in a group chat (side by side).
  • Fixed bug responsible for dropping some calls using call park and webphone.
  • Fixed bug showing overlapping icons (headers and controls) in compact view of the OneCloud
    Webphone active call screen.
  • Adjusted default scope for Office Manager and Reseller to be able to read and listen to voicemail
    records for their domain. This will allow for monitoring applications to receive updates if requested.
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