OneCloud: Wrap up Time for Call Center Agents

OneCloud: Wrap up Time for Call Center Agents

Note: To edit the wrap-up time for a call center agent, you must be a Call Center Supervisor or Office Admin. 

When a call center agent finishes a call from the queue, they could use the time to finish typing up notes, do any reporting, or reset their tools to prep for the next incoming call. Managers can add a “Wrap-Up Time” at the end of each call that will prevent agents from being presented another call until the Wrap-Up Time is completed.

Wrap Up Timers are edited per agent and per queue. This means agents in the same queue can have different wrap-up timers. The same agent can have different wrap-up timers based on the queue as well.

To edit the Wrap Up Time for an agent:

1. Click on Call Center in the top navigation area.

2. Click on the Edit Agents icon next to the queue your agent is in.

3. Click the Edit Agent icon next to the agent you wish to edit the wrap-up timer for.

4. Move the wrap-up time timer bar. 
Note: The time is in seconds. 

5. Press Save Agent.

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