OneCloud Connect: V2.0 Release Notes

OneCloud Connect: V2.0 Release Notes

New Features

  • Camera and Mic checks before joining a meeting
  • Test Mic play playback
  • Auto-knock new guests
  • Allow customization of in meeting UI
  • Random meeting room ID
  • Show past meeting participants
  • OneCloud status updates
  • Dark Mode and Light Mode Themes
  • MFA setup prompt on first login
  • Share via email
  • Send Email notification to guests on Meeting Start
  • Allow inviting other Moderators that can start the meeting


  • New User Interface
  • Additional meeting frequency choices
  • Improve Waiting for Host user experience
  • Validate meeting id before attempting to join
  • New user experience when joining
  • Send email on failed user login attempt
  • Allow Optional Attendees to meeting invites

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to edit default meeting ID
  • Users stuck in lobby state
  • backend bug fixes

Known Issues

  • Some users unable to start recording during meeting. Workaround: Schedule the meeting with recording enabled; the recording will begin when the moderator joins.

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